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Testimonial by Norma Nolan of Brewster
What People are Saying ...

"Fabulous! The 28 Day Program helped me see how inefficient I had become. Who knew that taking the time to organize my files and throw away old copies of magazines would energize me and open up space for me to do other, more important things? It did and now I see that staying organized is the key to being more productive."
- Susan Foley, Melrose

"This woman is spectacular. She has a solution for practically every problem. She has helped me immeasurably."
- Pamela Palmer, Brewster

"My office is FANTASTIC – thank you so much.  I love working in here.  Everything is easy because I am so organized – what a relief that is!  And the house looks great.  I should have called you years ago!"
- Jennifer Jones, Sandwich

"Thanks so much for helping me transform my mess into an art studio!  I love it.  I wanted to let you know that right after you left, I went out and bought a new, smaller table and put the old one in the back yard. It looks great. I'm also enjoying the new, serene "view" in my bedroom."
- Joan K., South Yarmouth

"The best gift that anybody ever gave me." 
- Betsy D., Osterville

"Yesterday I used a gift certificate we'd been given. Maryann's friendly, expertise was very welcome. As a result, we have a better organized basement storage area. It's clean, more attractive, and better functioning. She was competent, a pure pleasure to work with, energetic, and positive. I highly recommend her services."
- Cyndi Fitton, Orleans

“You helped me tremendously.  Not only did you help remove clutter, but more importantly, you taught me new habits to maintain an organized and clutter-free space.  Your suggestions for managing paperwork changed my life!  In two sessions you gave me tools that transformed a lifetime of bad habits.  I cannot thank you enough for all your help. You simplified my life and brought serenity into my home."
- Suzanne P., Brewster

“I LOVE IT! [regarding a closet transformation into an 'Imagination Station'] I am so "over the moon" with happiness about it.Your guidance was profound and deeply appreciated."
- Clare G., Falmouth

"I love how well we worked together and how much we accomplished before I left.
... looking forward to returning to see my new office and to now have no excuse for not getting back to doing some painting.  A picture definitely says a thousand!"
- Dyanne L., Wellesley
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