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Did you Know that
Getting Organized is
a very GREEN thing to do?
The Problem
Disorganization costs us all time and money, but it can hurt our environment as well! 
People who are disorganized often end up buying multiple copies of the same item, simply because they can't find their other copies, using up additional natural resources for no good reason!  Food goes to waste because it's hidden under piles of other things.  More stuff means more stuff to put it in, taking up more resources!
Hanging on to things you are not using instead of recycling them or donating them for someone else to use means that those resources are not available to others either.
Clutter and disorganization can lead to
the growth of mold inside our homes, poor air quality and worsening allergy problems.
The Solution
So, what to do? Remember the 3 R's:
Reduce the amount of new "stuff" you bring into your home by organizing what you have first to see what you really need.  Go for gift experiences instead of buying more toys that will just end up in the basement.
Re-Use.  Turn a favorite but unused highchair into a plant stand.  Use an unused vase to corral pens or paintbrushes. I specialize in helping people re-use what they already own to create neat and organized spaces.  
But this doesn't mean holding on to things in case you might use them someday!  It sometimes means donating the things you don't need to someone who can re-use them right now
Recycle.  Set up recycling stations throughout your house to make it easier for your whole household to recycle paper, cardboard, glass and plastics. 
Going Green is important for us all. 
Hiring a professional organizer can help you find ways to:
  • Clear the air in your home,
  • Find good homes for the things you no longer need,
  • Set up eco-friendly systems that work, and
  • Learn how to live with less "stuff", making space for the life you really want to live!
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